The War on Police Takes a Striking New Toll in Chicago

As Chicago continues its downward spiral into a Hellish nightmare of violence, shootings, murder, and mayhem, the war on police in the Windy City has a surprising new casualty.

The liberal war on police has claimed a terrible new statistic is “handgun free” Chicago.

Given that Chicago has been in the grips of an outlaw gun violence epidemic stemming from their handgun ban of 1982, it comes as no surprise that the brave men and women of law enforcement in Chi-Town are having a terribly difficult time protecting and serving their citizens.  Now, a sobering new statistic has come to light.

“Buried among the facts and figures in the Justice Department’s recent book-length report on the failings of the Chicago Police Department was a telling statistic: The rate of suicide among CPD officers is 60 percent higher than other departments across the U.S.

“Among the ranks of the…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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