The Walking Dead Litter The Streets Of NYC

The Walking Dead Litter The Streets Of NYC (Image: MGN)

Over thirty people were taken to the hospital after a drug overdose of K2 was seen on the streets of New York City. The drug was outlawed in New York in 2015. The drug has become an epidemic in Brooklyn, to the point where locals are claiming, at times, they have to walk around people sleeping in the streets.

A massive drug overdose hit the streets of New York City, leaving over a dozen sick. The epidemic catapulted warnings from police and health officials about the dangers of K2, referred to as synthetic marijuana.

A local police station in Brooklyn started getting bombarded with calls early on Tuesday morning. Apparently, witnesses claimed that a handful of people were overdosing in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Reports said that people were lying on the sidewalk, shaking and leaning against fire hydrants and trees.




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