The Video of the Removal of a 20 Year Old Cyst is Seriously Disturbing [VIDEO]

Some cysts pop quickly and smoothly but when you are talking about a 20 year old Sebaceous cyst, it’s never quite that simple and usually exceedingly gross.  This video is proof of that and if you have a weak stomach, you should skip the video, especially when you are eating.

 Sebaceous cysts are common noncancerous cysts of the skin. Cysts are abnormalities in the body that may contain liquid or semiliquid material.

Sebaceous cysts are mostly found on the face, neck, or torso. They grow slowly and are not life-threatening, but they may become uncomfortable if they go unchecked.

Doctors usually diagnose a cyst with only a physical examination and medical history. In some cases, a cyst will be examined more thoroughly for signs of cancer.

Sebaceous cysts form out of…



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