The Veil Hiding Dem’s Corruption Becoming Transparent

As I have been watching Facebook over the past few weeks, because as we now know, Facebook is the ONLY source for real news, I see post after post claiming there is nothing to see on the Hillary-Obama-Russia stories. No matter what you hear or see, Trump did it. PERIOD!

To show you how delusional this “Trump Dementia Syndrome” goes, almost all the national security people, the Senate investigative team, the congressional team, and some top Senate Democrats say there is no collusion here. According to the Masters of Delusion, Trump is guilty.

Let’s just say, for conversation, there is something after 1 year of looking. Remember, this started LONG before he became president. Suppose we find out Trump called Putin and said, “Hey, can you lend a hand over here? Got some dirt I can use?” Is that collusion or opposition research?

What we are now finding



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