The Unsinkable Michael Brown

The Unsinkable Michael Brown! Just when you think the insanity of the last eight years was waning, up jumps the devil. Now we’re entertained by “Michael Brown, The Sequel.” Oh, I’m sure you remember the Oscar nominated first run. Fat Albert was just a strolling down the street, on the way to church, I’m sure, and that mean old officer shot him for being black. Then of course we had to burn Ferguson down, Black Lives started mattering, and Obama had yet ANOTHER son that looked like him. Let’s think about that last statement. Trayvon Martin looked like him, Michael Brown looked like him, hmmmm, I am NOT going to make the obvious racial slur that just begs to come out, but I digress.

So now we have new footage challenging what happened at the store the night before Michael walked the streets of glory. Naturally, his family,…



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