The UK Has A New Margaret Thatcher

The UK Has A New Margaret Thatcher (Image: MGN)

Theresa May has now been announced as the new Prime Minister of the UK. May’s opponent, Andrea Leadsom, dropped out of the race saying that now was the not the time for a drawn out election and that she didn’t have the support to build “a strong and stable government.” In this fragile time with Britain David Cameron said that May has his full support. Cameron is scheduled to give his resignation to the Queen tomorrow.

Theresa May has been announced as the new Tory leader and soon-to-be Prime Minister. Of course, every new leader comes in with their promises and plans, May is no different.

May, while speaking outside of Parliment, said she was “honored and humbled,” to succeed David Cameron. Apparently, much in the vein of Trump’s victory as the Republican primary, May’s only rival, Andrea Leadsom, for the position dropped out yesterday.…



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