The SVB Collapse Fallout: Stock Selloffs, Inflation Challenges and More | WSJ

Silicon Valley Bank’s swift collapse prompted regulators to implement a series of emergency measures to stem the fallout and shore up wavering confidence in the banking system.

The series of events that followed the bank failure roiled global markets, sparked federal investigations and is forcing the Federal Reserve to rethink the next steps in its inflation fight.

WSJ’s Gunjan Banerji explains how the week unfolded. Illustration: Jacob Reynolds

0:00 SVB’s collapse sent shockwaves through the U.S. financial system
0:27 Sunday, March 12: Federal regulators swoop in
1:17 Monday, March 13: Regional banks fall
1:48 Tuesday, March 14: CPI and the Fed’s balancing act
2:19 Wednesday, March 15: European bank stocks plunge
2:55 Thursday, March 16: Stocks rebound and Janet Yellen testifies
3:38 Friday, March 17: SVB’s parent company files for bankruptcy

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