The “Suck It Up Buttercup” Bill is Real and Punishes Campus Cry Rooms

In case you missed it…Donald Trump just staged the biggest upset in the history of elections! Well, at least in our lifetime. Only his die-hard followers believed he would prevail come election night. Many speculated at the size of his hands…I mean rallies, and wondered what was going on. Could he win it?

No one knew what would happen. Most believed the corrupt Clinton Cartel would prevail hoisting an aged and angry Hillary to her rightful throne in the White House. Vagina and glass ceilings, right?

Donald Trump took a massive sledgehammer to all of that and hit it out of the park like Kyle Schwarber feeling his oats! Ka-Boom! Cubs win the World Series and HRC gets decimated! There is a God! Can you hear me now…the map bleeds red. Trump obliterated Hillary.

Pick up your jaw. Here’s where it gets ugly. Really ugly.

Conservatives were stunned and excited.…



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