The Source of Michael Wolff’s Story Just BUSTED His Weaselly Lying Chops

There is an upside to the fact that Michael Wolff’s credibility keeps taking hits. The more often that another falsehood is uncovered, the more President Trump is able to beat up on the Fake News that is being generated against him. Mr. Wolff is known for taking great liberties in his writings. In this case, he seems to shoot for the moon. Read more here.

As Written and Reported By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

There’s no proof that this is true, of course. It could be that Matt Labash’s acquaintance is BSing him about being one of Wolff’s sources. Or it could be that Wolff independently confirmed the story that Labash’s source told him.

But given the many years of criticism he’s received for dubious sourcing, it rings true. And I heard somewhere recently that if something rings true, it is true.

Twenty years ago, the now-defunct Brill’s Content took a hard look

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