The Socialist Diet Causes Massive Weight Loss In…

The tenets of democratic socialism have long been erroneously heralded by the progressive left as the cure-all for woes of government.

Venezuelans have lost an average of 19 pounds over the course of the last year, as their country’s socialist system comes crashing down around them.

While, on its face the idea is absolutely ludicrous, that hasn’t stopped a bevy of millennials from being indoctrinated by the creed of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who spent much of the 2016 election touting his version of the socio-economic setup.  Now, with socialist nation Venezuela virtually coming apart at the seams, those same progressives are keen to ignore the worries of the South American country.

Things are so bad in Venezuela, in fact, that the population has lost nearly 20 pounds on average.

“In a new sign that Venezuela’s financial crisis is morphing dangerously into a humanitarian one, a new…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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