The Resistance has spread all the way to The Pentagon?

It is now an open question as to whether or not the Pentagon can be considered a part of The Resistance against President Donald Trump. Under court orders, and against the wishes of President Trump, transgender individuals will be allowed to join the United States military. Once again, our troops will suffer from the social engineering of the left. Does the Pentagon have a choice? What can the Commander in Chief do?

As Written By Andrew West for the Constitution: 

There has been an impervious air of resistance hanging over the head of President Trump this last year, much of which has come from the nation’s left-leaning voter base.

By calling themselves the Resistance, with a capital “R”, these rambunctious and mostly millennial miscreants have been busy opposing every single iteration of the Trump agenda that they possibly can.  There’s no limit to what they will whine about when it comes



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