The Republican Party Platform Is Building Trump’s Wall

The Republican Party Platform Is Building Trump’s Wall (Image: MGN)

It looks like if Trump is elected his “border wall,” will be a thing of reality. The Platform Committee has been working on an amendment to make the border wall a reality. The final draft of the platform will be finished on Monday and then presented to the Republican National Convention as well as the presidential nominee.

Trump is a man of structure…literally. His “Trump Towers” are everywhere and are quite the site to see. Yet now, the Republican Party Platform has just green-lit Trump’s greatest structure yet, the southern wall.

This week the Platform Committee approved the “Trump Wall Plan” to use for debate. They have already begun constructing the platform and used such language as “construction of a physical barrier” on our “vulnerable borders.”

Yet, like any political discussion, people complained that a “physical barrier,” could be anything. That could be…



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