The Propaganda Of Racism

The Propaganda Of Racism (Image: MGN)

All lives matter.

I needed to write this, to get this off my chest, because at the moment I am worried. I’m worried about the state of our country. I’m worried about the fighting, the violence, the blame game, and the pointing of fingers.

Tragedy after tragedy continues to happen and yet the violence hasn’t subsided it’s risen into a tidal wave that now seems to be beyond our control. We are fighting amongst ourselves with an enraged passion that almost seems surreal. I have tried to understand it, and yet now, after the Dallas shooting, I feel I must speak out.

What I don’t understand about the state of the country at the moment is the battle that seems to be going on between the police and the black community. For some reason, Black Lives Matter, and now the Blank Panthers, have gotten it…



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