The Paul Ryan Presidency, Wherein we seek to explore the likelihood of a Paul Ryan Presidency

With the failure of the Health Bill we must consider a very real possibility, The Paul Ryan Presidency. It’s unprecedented. Never happened before. It’s like the Maytag Repaiman, a redundant, irrelevant factoid. The speaker of the house would become the next president following the Vice President in the succession of the POTUS. You know, like what almost happened when Agnew resigned? And yet if you open your browser and type in the words “ has the speaker of the house “; right away what pops up, is “become president”. Marco!…..Polo! That’s not because google is giving you civics hints guys. Google uses an impressive, but narrow approach to ranking sentence completion phrases. You can read all about it in googles rules for search engine optimization. Yawn. Anyway, for the slower of foot, my point is, a lot of people have been asking that question a lot lately.

Ok, let’s…



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