The Only Racist Hate Group This Election Is CNN

Watch the above video and see the dumb, race-baiting questions that CNN “journalists” ask Donald Trump supporters in hopes to get an awkward soundbite. Well, it’s awkward alright, but not the way the journalist wanted.

The CNN reporter walks up to an African American man wearing a Trump hat and asks him, “What do you think about the fact that white supremacists support Trump?”

The Trump supporter is having none of it and fires back, “I’m sick of this race and divide and CNN is perfect at doing this… It’s a scam and I know it won’t make it on CNN.” They can support anyone they want, but that doesn’t make Donald Trump a racist.

A crowd quickly forms around the reporter who realizes all too late that he should have prepared real questions instead of just trying to incite racist sound clips.

The man filming has a question…



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