The One Video That Could Make You Quit Drinking Forever [VIDEO]

n my life, I found that I could resist anything but temptation.  But I did quit drinking when I was 23, many, many moons ago.  Had I seen the following video, I may have quit drinking when I was much younger.  You just don’t know how pathetic you are when you are drunk.  In my case, I realized how pathetic my friends were when I was sober.

Intoxicated partygoers are known for doing reckless things when their inhibitions have been loosened by a tipple or two.

And one Instagram account has paid homage in video form to the hilariously hopeless – and often wince-inducing – antics of inebriated clubbers.

From shaking pepper onto genitalia to having a pathetic slow-motion fight with a vending machine, the profile Drunk People Doing Things has documented them&hell




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