The Obama Administration Has Reached An All Time Low

The Obama Administration Has Reached An All Time Low (Image: MGN)

The state of California has passed a mandate that forces health care providers to pay for elective abortions, even if the said health care provider is a church. Not only did the Obama administration speak out on the subject they backed the state’s choice. So now, you have no choice to be pro-life or pro-choice. The government now mandates and controls abortions rulings.

The state of California did not disturb any religious freedom laws when it mandated that health insurance companies had to cover elective abortions, according to the Obama administration.

Even though churches and religious organizations object abortion, they are subject to the same law. They must mandate that their employee health plans cover elective abortions.

Of course, a pro-life group quickly objected the order, but a civil rights office at the Department of Health and Humans Services rejected their complaint.





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