The New York Times Goes After Sean Hannity

As a leader in the anti-Trump Resistance, the New York Times latest attacks against Sean Hannity set new lows in spun news reporting. The NYT has gone to new depths of news generation to say thins about Hannity that just outright lies. It is a smear campaign that reaches new depths and cannot be called investigative reporting. This is a hatchet job, pure and simple. Read the details of the attack here.

As Written By Peter Barry Chowka for the American Thinker:

Sean Hannity is the second most wanted man on the takedown list of the anti-Trump Resistance. We know this because the New York Times – in earlier times the  “newspaper of record” and still the most influential and Deep State agenda-setting newspaper in the U.S. – yesterday posted an 8,000 word cover story by Matthew Shaer that will be published in its next Sunday magazine, along with a striking cover photo of



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