The Liberal Lies About The AR-15

The Liberal Lies About The AR-15 (Image: MGN)

The AR-15 is rumored to fire eight rounds per second, that has been proven not true. It’s a semi-automatic weapon, meaning you must pull the trigger for every round. It may be able to fire relatively fast but in the hands of an amateur, it because the same as any other gun.

The AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle, lately has been dubbed the most popular gun in mass shootings. The owner of a gun engineering company came forward and told the New York Times that the gun can fire eight rounds per second.

That isn’t true.

The definition of a semi-automatic rifle is that every round requires a pull of the trigger. Which would mean that someone would have to pull the trigger eight times in a second to be able to live up to its claim. That is impossible.

The claim came…



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