The Liar And The Squaw: A Clinton And Warren Ticket?

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Hillary took Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail recently…just for fun.

Warren is loved by much of the Democrat Party that hates Hillary. She would entice most of the Bernie crowd to hold their nose and vote for Hillary…secretly hoping for Clinton to vacate the top spot.

The prospect of an all woman ticket may be exciting to the liberal left, but will it really help Clinton beat Trump?

If Hillary was looking for someone who had a reputation as an honest person…her choice of Warren would be a disaster.

Elizabeth Warren is an absolute liar.

She is the epitome of the pasty white librarian, yet she lied her way into Harvard while claiming she was of Native American descent.

Turns out her grandfather did help round up the Cherokee and send them packing to Oklahoma. I guess that almost makes you an Indian…?

A ticket like this…



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