The Left Is Choosing Islam Over Gays

NEW, by me: “The Left Chose Islam Over Gays. Now 100 People Are Dead Or Maimed In Orlando”

— Milo Yiannopoulos ✘ (@Nero) June 12, 2016

The left is at a crossroads. They are choosing between two of their favorite children. Gay rights or Islam.

The truth that a segment of Islam is out to slaughter gays  puts these two groups in opposite camps.

The left will not be allowed to keep both. One will be sacrificed, and it already looks like it is going to be the stylish group not known for cutting off heads.

Bye, gay people are about to be deeply disappointed in their liberal lovers.

Gays will be spurned in favor of the Muslim. It is happening already.

Recently Milo Yiannopoulos, who is both conservative and gay said this:

“I’m not talking about Islamists. I’m not talking about terrorists. I’m not talking…



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