“The Lady Killer” of Ohio Has Five Victims And Counting

“The Lady Killer” of Ohio, Shawn Gate, may be responsible for a fifth body. He made a no guilty plea yesterday. However, he has confessed to murdering at least one woman and has led police to find other bodies as well.

A fifth body has been found that investigators believe links to Shawn Gate, an Ohio man, who has already been accused of killing two women and kidnapping another.

Shawn Gate gave a not guilty plea yesterday in regards to two murder charges, in Ashland, Ohio. Gate was arrested on September 13th after a woman called 9-1-1 claiming to have been abducted.  The bodies of Elizabeth Griffin and Stacey Stanley were discovered while processing the scene at Gate’s home. The police have claimed that Gate later led them to the buried body of a third woman. The body was buried in a wooded area behind a home in Mansfield, Ohio. The…



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