THE IDES OF MARCH! Video Of GOP Power Broker’s Discussing Bringing Trump Down

Et Tu Brute’ The Ides of March are the time to be betrayed, so here it is in living color.

The clip was filmed as part of an episode of a Showtime documentary called, The Circus. The Circus, which does appear to be aptly named, is a chronicle of the 2016 election cycle.

Between, a socialist, and a person under federal investigation on one side, and Trump stirring it up on the other, it is a circus.

If you are a Trump fan or not, the clip is disturbing on many levels. The power elites sitting around discussing the nominee as if they can anoint someone is disgusting.

Trump has definitely thrown a wrench in their plans. This quote is poignant and to the elites, problematic.

RICK HOHLT [Major GOP Fundraiser]: Everybody around this table that I know, we’ve been in every Presidential campaign probably since 1980, in various degrees. And in Trump’s problem, he…



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