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Although it’s nowhere near the heart of liberalism, I’d like to say that it isn’t true what most people think, that we have to live the lives we are given. That’s simply an untruth, that becomes a bit of self-limitation that serves as an excuse for not changing something about your life that you know to be wrong. We blame what’s wrong with us on other people, or the times. Sometimes on God!

Anyways, I’m so tired of the endless anti-liberal graffiti, I thought I ought to write about why I am one. I mean, it’s got to be like being gay, right? It’s a choice, after all. If I don’t like the anti-liberal atmosphere, just become a conservative. It would, sadly, be easier; and even more sadly, I would do it just to avoid getting spit on. But I don’t. Why? Because what lies at the very…



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