The Generation Of Self Importance

The Generation Of Self Importance (Image: MGN)

How can we survive if a large majority of our country is drowning in self-importance? In self-involvement? We strive, as a society, to be the only one living. The best, the greatest, the most unique. That’s why you see the newest generation is a group of kids and young adults, who grew up with the media being their babysitters. 

YouTube is successful because it is a place for young adults and teens to indulge in themselves. They film themselves living, talking, eating, sleeping. Anything. 

I know someone who is “big” on YouTube. He was recently filming himself and talking to his “audience” about his day, during the video he fell asleep without knowing it. He woke up to realize that hundreds of people were watching him. They were watching him sleep. It is the generation of the performer and audience mentality.

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