The Face Of A Refugee: Lily The AT&T Girl

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There’s much more to Lily the AT&T girl than meets the eye.

Her real name is Milana Vayntrub, and she has lived quite a life ending up a known face for a major American company.

She has lived the life of a refugee. Milana was born in the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic or Uzbekistan.

Her family suffered religious persecution for being Jewish in an officially “Atheist” country and fled seeking the safety of US asylum. After a long and arduous process and stints in Austria and Italy her family finally made it to California.

After TV ads and guest spots in ER she finally hit it big with a YouTube channel and now is the face of AT&T known to the all the world as Lily.

Even though life is a lot easier for Milana now, she has not forgotten her roots. Out of her compassion…



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