The End Of Our Second Amendment

The End Of Our Second Amendment (Image: MGN)

Yesterday it was announced by Federal courts that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to the permitting of carrying a concealed weapon. That means that states now have the right to restrict and prohibit their citizens from carrying concealed weapons.

Goodbye to the America that we used to know.

If our founding fathers were alive today they would be staging another Tea Party against the government. Instead of throwing tea into the harbor we’d be tossing in iPhones and Jordans. The thing that started all of this was the classification of “reasoning for carrying a concealed weapon.”  So wait a minute… it’s our right to carry weapons (that would be called the 2nd Amendment) and yet now we need a reason to practice our right?

That’s what California thinks anyway. They are refusing permits because they think self-defense isn’t a concrete enough reason to…



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