The Deodorant Challenge: Dangerous New Playground Craze Sweeping the Country [VIDEO]

It seems like every week we find out there is a new game or a new challenge sweeping the country.  Each one is crazier or more dangerous than the one before.  The newest one is the deodorant challenge.  You let someone spray your arm with deodorant for as long as you can stand it.  The aerosol can burn your arm and possibly cause other problems.

 The craze involves kids spraying cans of aerosol on themselves at close range until it hurts, in an ill-advised test of endurance.

Kaitlyn’s shocked mum posted pictures of her daughter’s burns on Facebook after noticing the marks on her arm last week.

The post went viral and was picked up by the news media, leading the pair to be invited onto the ITV programme this week.





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