The Crumbling Foundation Of America

The Crumbling Foundation Of America (Image: MGN)

Certain events have been leading up to a disastrous reality for The United States of America, and I’m afraid the dominoes have already begun to fall. 

‘Brexit’ created a crack in the mentality of American pride. Texas has already called for their own referendum, with rumors of Vermont following suite. That may be a bad example because Texas has been wanting independence since 1845, but their voice is getting louder. The springboard of Britain leaving their union has uncovered the fault line in America.

We have two presidential candidates that with every step cause uproar and outrage, some in support, some in opposition. We have a President currently sitting in the White House, who with every trip and vacation, sparks controversy amongst the American public. We have states now that are whispering about the possibility of leaving the union, and we have a country, Britain,…



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