The Coward Kasich Is A No-Show

The Coward Kasich Is A No-Show (Image: MGN)

The Republican National Convention opened to today to fireworks and loving welcome. However the Ohio state governor, John Kasich, did not make an appearance. Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort was appalled by Kasich’s absence. However, the convention will do fine without him, Trump’s wife is said to be headlining the weeklong event.

Ohio exploded with a flourish of fireworks this morning, calling the Republican National Convention to its beginning. Donald Trump, along with this campaign manager Paul Manafort, awaited the arrival of Ohio governor John Kasich. However, the governor has since remained absent. 

Since his defeat for the Republican presumptive nominee, Kasich has been less than accepting of Donald Trump. You could say that, even though he represents the state of Ohio, Kasich’s “poor sportsmanship” made him absent to the convention. Paul Manafort was completely confused by Kasich’s absence. He said, “he…



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