The Construction Crew Never Expected to Find Anything Like This [VIDEO]

Construction workers in Spain were digging a ditch in order to run water lines in Tomares, a city in Andalusia, where they made the most unusual discovery.  They found jars buried in the ground where they were working.  It  was a group of jars, some broken and some unbroken but all filled with the same thing.  Roman coins.  Thirteen hundred pounds of them, with a value of several million dollars.

 The workers found the coins, which weighed in at more than 1,300 pounds (about 590 kg), in 19 storage jars. Some of the storage containers were intact, while others had been damaged. According to the Huffington Post, the find is significant because of the number of coins and because many of the coins appear to be in mint, uncirculated condition.

Some of the…



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