The Confessions Of An ISIS Soldier

The Confessions Of An ISIS Soldier (Image: MGN)

An Islamic State soldier has been captured and confessed the crimes and lies of the ISIS group. Thahir Sahab Jamel has been a soldier for the Islamic State for three years and now wants out. He admitted to killing men, women, and children in the name of ISIS, although he cannot remember the exact number.

The thought has always plagued my mind, to know whether or not a captured ISIS fighter would confess his sins. You know when you watch movies and people get captured, they are always so strong and defiant. They spit in the face of their captor and refuse to talk. 

Would an ISIS fighter do that? Would he be defiant?

Well, now we know the answer. Recently, an ISIS terrorist fighter was captured and he sang like a bird. He confessed to killing handfuls of men, women, and children, all…



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