The Common Law Of The Liberal Gun Grab

The Gun Scare Illusion

The Common Law Of Common Law

Recently, terrible massacres on United States soil have rocked the foundation of Americans. We are in a state right now where, not just Americans but civilization as a whole, feels a lack of safety. Everyone is constantly on edge. We are afraid.

The liberal media is using that against you.

The way to get someone to buy something is to make them think they need it. You need this car because it has a backup camera. You need this car because it parallel parks itself. You need these shoes because Kanye thinks they look fat (which is a good thing?). That is marketing in it’s simplest form. So now, liberals are saying we don’t need guns because they kill people.

The scary part is, people are starting to believe it. The truth is, all of these attacks, in America or…



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