The CIA Is Placing Their Pawns In The White House

The CIA Is Placing Their Pawns In The White House (Image: MGN)

A former CIA counter-terrorism agent is now running for President as an Independent Republican. Evan McMullin so far has not served in any electoral office, yet neither has Donald Trump. After his 11-year career in the CIA, he worked for Goldman Sachs, giving him a powerful money tree that will support his presidential race. McMullin could end up being the Republican Party is looking for to overthrow the power of Donald Trump.

A new Presidential candidate is taking the stage, the question, however, is who is he taking the stage for?

Evan McMullin, the new Independent Conservative, is a former counter-terrorism agent for the CIA. That’s right. We’ve got our very own “Rambo” running for President. At the moment, the once secret agent is the chief policy director of the House Republican conference. In a recent interview with ABC News,…



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