The “Charities” Of Our Presidential Candidates

The “Charities” Of The Rich And Shameless (Image: MGN)

When you think of the word “charity” what do you picture? The little old man dressed as Santa ringing a bell outside the local supermarket? The people on the sidewalks that are waving pictures of baby Manatee’s and asking for a signature and a donation? Or do you picture Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? 

It is no secret that both candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have spent millions of dollars from their charities to finance their campaigns. Yet, are they doing it legally?

“Self-Dealing” is a term that classifies the use of charity money to benefit the nonprofit leaders personally or their businesses. “Self-Dealing” is illegal.

I’m not a lawyer and I’m not saying that either charity is breaking the “self-dealing” rule. What I am saying is that both charities have had some discrepancies.  


The first…



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