Empirical Evidence for the vindication of Manifest Destiny?

The Globalist philosophy, especially favored, in the Silicon Valley high tech immigrant community and among trendy San Francisco Bay Area liberal civil servants is that nationalism is an archaic posture of the historical past and that globalism-a world without States, boundaries and national or religious identity are the future for this planet. The main world view, of this arrogant high tech community creates a push for more Visa’s, less border control, greater borderless States and free international concourse, without restrictions. Clearly, this vision of the United States and Europe benefits high tech corporations and their international pool of workers, but does such a philosophy of international globalism, benefit working class America or Europe?

The inquiry put forth differently asks does a stateless, borderless, nationless, migratory civilization, benefit humankind and create a climate beneficial to freedom and economy?

It is exactly, one’s…



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