The BEST Answer to Scumer’s Tears Ever

While defending the “rights” of immigrants attempting to enter the US after the POTUS’ recent Executive Order (EO), Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) was brought to tears. The EO temporarily limits immigrants from several high-risk countries, something the same Senator had no trouble endorsing in 2015.

Many justifiably wonder if those tears are real.

Jamiel Shaw, a father of 17-year-old Jamiel Jr, found his young son lying in his own blood, killed by a repeat criminal in the US illegally. The illegal who shot Mr. Shaw’s son was only released 24 hours when the attack took place. He was a repeat offender, a known gang member released after another gun charge, back into the community.

To have one’s child die is hell on Earth. To know it was preventable is a level of pain no human should have to bear.

Mr. Shaw, now an activist for enforcing immigration laws, states in…



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