The Bergdahl Travesty: A Commander’s Perspective

After more than eight years after Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl walked off his base in Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban, Bergdahl walks a free man but as Lt. Colonel Robert “Buzz” Patterson said about the military judge decision, “You also freed a deserter that will now cash in on his notoriety.”

Lieutenant Colonel Robert “Buzz” Patterson: 

Congratulations Colonel Jeffrey Nance. Your verdict yesterday allowing Bowe Bergdahl to walk away without serving a single day in prison is yet another victory for anti-military leftists and a blow to the Constitution that you, personally, swore to support and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic… Foreign and domestic. You’ve continued the assault on the Pentagon by those who see our military as a social engineering petri dish and not an institution of lethal firepower and defense. You’ve sided with those who want to attack the martial values and Judeo-Christian ethic that is



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