The 28-Pages Are Way Worse Than I Thought

Shortly after the release of the infamous 28-pages earlier today, the White House issued a statement dismissing allegations of Saudi involvement in the attacks of 9/11. I believe such assurances are intended to prevent people from reading it in the first place, because if you actually read it, your mouth will be wide open the entire time in disbelief.

It’s not just one or two suspicious connections between purported Saudi intelligence agents and government employees with the terrorist attackers, it’s a laundry list of them. There are only two obvious conclusions any thinking person can come to after reading these pages.

1. Elements within the Saudi government ran the operations behind the 9/11 attack.

2. The U.S. government covered it up.

But don’t take my word for it. You should read it yourself.

Just to give you a little taste, here’s what was found on the first page alone (click…



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