The 11 Tactics of Highly Deceptive People

In my book, “Atlas Shouts“, I cite the 11 tactics of deception leftists use in debate, be prepared for them. To socially combat these tactics, see Saul Lofgrinsky’s Rules to Confront Radicals.

We can prove they know the truth by asking the right questions, as Columbo employed in the detective series, interrogators employ, and seasoned psychiatrists understand.

They conduct fake debate, based on fake news.

When you see these tactics used in series, it means the liberal or Republican KNOWS he’s lying.  The list is sorted in order of highest frequency, first.

The 11 Tactics of Highly Deceptive People Delusional attack: The deceiver says a form of “You are crazy. Get help. What are you talking about ?”    “What are you talking about?” is an especially obvious signal of insincerity, since an intelligent person never wants to proudly say they are confused. Ridicule attack: The deceiver makes a joke of…



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