Texit Proves State’s Rights Not Important To Trump

Trump Says No No To ‘Texit’ (Image: MGN)

The Texas Nationalist Movement is seeking for their own ‘Texit’ from America. Trump, however, said that Texas would not be allowed to leave if he were in the White House. Texas has continuously tried to leave the union, each time being denied by either the government itself or by officials within the state. Daniel Miller, the leader of the Nationalist Movement, reached out to the Governor of Texas asking for a referendum from the state.

The separation of Britain from the European Union came like a plague in the darkness of the night, no one saw it coming. Yet, ‘Brexit’ has now become the idol of other groups looking to separate, one in particular. Texas.

That’s right, Texas is at it again, with talks about their own ‘Texit’. Once, again the secessionists from the state that birthed cowboys, armadillos, and saloons is taking…



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