Texas Stands Up To Obama’s Bathroom Politics

Texas Says No To Obama’s Bathroom Law (Image: MGN)

On Sunday, a federal judge in Texas ruled against the Obama Administrations bathroom directive. So far the Obama Administration has not reacted (or taken away federal funding). The judge said that he believes the schools should have been able to give their views on the directive.

It’s been awhile since someone stood up against the Obama Administrations bathroom directive. However, it’s not a big surprise that Texas would be the state to do it.

A federal judge in Texas has blocked the bathroom directive to public schools. The directive states that transgendered students must be allowed to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that fit with their chosen gender identity instead of their biologically given gender.

Yesterday , Monday, was the first day of school for many public schools in Texas and they were surprised by the order from U.S. District Judge…



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