Teen Pops 6-Year-Old Pimple, Results Are Disturbing (Video)

A teen girl had a pimple since near birth on her ear and she finally decided to pop it.  Prior to that day, the mother and daughter thought it was some type of scar tissue.

Once the girl squeezed it, it became apparent that it was a pimple.  As she squeezed it a thin line of dried pus came oozing out.  It took the girl at least 10 minutes to empty it out.

 The girl continues to squeeze pus from the pimple for six minutes until it finally begins to run out, Cosmopolitan reports.

Though reaction to the video was mainly that of disgust, some healthcare professionals commented and urged the girl to see a doctor so the pimple does not return.

“Nurse chiming in here…,” one YouTube comment read. “…bring…



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