Teacher Arrested Carrying Concealed In NEWTOWN, CT School

His name is Jason Adams. He is a man who apparently loves his middle school kids. He is a teacher who works in Newtown, Connecticut, made famous for one of the worst school shootings ever.

My guess is Mr. Adams decided carrying a gun illegally to protect his kids from a copycat massacre was worth the risk of jail.

After what happened there…can you blame him?

Making schools “Gun Free” simply invites crazy individuals to attack schools. Arming yourself…in a school or not…should be guaranteed by our Second Amendment, but in most places it’s not.

According to Bearing Arms:

A middle school science teacher in Newtown, Connecticut, was arrested this morning after another teacher spotted him carrying a handgun on school property and reported him to the school resource officer.

The teacher had a concealed carry permit, but state law makes it illegal to carry a…



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