Tariffs: More FDR Than “Outsider” | A Real Solution Despite Trump

If conservatives do not stand up and fight President Trump on tariffs, we set up the democrat party for big victories in 2018 and 2020. Let me explain.

Since when do conservatives agree with Senator Bernie Sanders about anything? This alone should be a massive red flag. Unfortunately, we are currently being pumped full of propaganda and misinformation about tariffs and what they would actually do to our economy. If conservatives throw 100% support behind one man blindly, how are we any better than the Obama supporters, who to this day believe the economy is thriving? It is our duty to stand up for conservative principles, not a single man. If the President of the United States is wrong, then he is wrong! We must not allow big government principles to succeed no matter who is pushing them.

“Trade Balance” is such a phony talking point.

Are we supposed to…



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