Sweden’s Leadership Has President Trump’s Back, Defies Liberal Pundits

While the mainstream media put forth an agenda of demeaning Donald Trump for his comments on the state of refugee-heavy Sweden, many in the European nation were nodding their heads in agreement.

Sweden leadership has vindicated Donald Trump’s statements on the crisis in their nation, much to the dismay of liberal American talking heads.

It has been common knowledge for some time that Sweden, along with Germany and several other European countries, were suffering greatly under the short-sighted open border policies installed by their leadership which allowed thousands of migrants from the Middle East to pour into their countries.  The extreme lack of security and vetting procedures allowed for ISIS and other terror groups to send stowaway Jihadists into these nations undetected, something that ISIS themselves have admitted to doing.

Now, Donald Trump’s comments about the tragedies occurring in Sweden are being vindicated by the Swedes themselves, much to…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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