Surge in spiritism: Most Americans believe in paranormal

It’s official – if you don’t believe in ghosts, you’re in the minority.

The Chapman University of American Fears 2017 has revealed a surprising number of Americans believe in the supernatural. A solid majority – 55 percent – believe ancient advanced civilizations such as Atlantis once existed, and more than 50 percent also believe places can be haunted by spirits.

More than a third of Americans also believe aliens have visited and a quarter think some people are capable of telekinesis, or moving objects by the power of their minds.

The survey found certain types of people are more likely to hold such beliefs – especially unmarried women who claim to be religious and politically conservative but do not often attend formal religious services. Residents of the West Coast were also reportedly more likely to believe in the paranormal.

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Pastor Carl Gallups, author of the end-times



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