Super WiFi is Finally Going to Serve America’s Rural Areas…Unless the Democrats Crush it

Everything government touches turns to crap. To be honest they’re not good at running anything.

That’s why the latest Democrat idea to literally compete with private sector companies over providing the last WiFi to our rural areas is so problematic.

Truth be told, it is simply another way to conveniently “misplace” millions of dollars into the annals of bureaucracy.

Congressional Democrats yesterday came out with another way to spend Billions of unnecessary dollars to “fix” a problem. That should be your first clue we are off track.

Apparently, Democrats just realized that a lot of rural America is sparsely populated and shockingly still doesn’t have many of the amenities that those living in cities take for granted…one being access to good WiFi.

Their new plan is to spend an additional $40 billion (Yup, that’s Billion) to compete with private companies to provide high-speed internet access. That’s just what we need, another Democrat



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