STUNNING: North Korea Puts Nukes On Standby For Launch

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In a stunning display of audacity, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, put his nuclear arsenal on “Standby” ready to fire a few days ago. Even more stunning is the lack of news coverage of this development.

Hey California, how does that make you  feel? A petulant, power-crazed manchild with his finger on the nuke button…relatively just off your beaches.

From Fox News:

North Korea makes nuclear threat. Pyongyang puts military on standby for nuclear strikes

SEOUL, South Korea –  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered his military on standby for nuclear strikes at any time, state media reported Friday, an escalation in rhetoric targeting rivals Seoul and Washington that may not yet reflect the country’s actual nuclear capacity.

The threats are part of the authoritarian government’s ramped-up propaganda push to signal strength at home and abroad in the face of what it portrays…



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