Students Ride Bus with Vomit, Blood and Feces To $32,000 a Year High School

Lawrence Woodmere Academy in Woodmere, New York charges students $32,000 a year to attend high school there.  It is a very prestigious school and they even supply transportation.  The problem was the bus was so gross girls would be crying by time they got to school.  The bus company,  RivLab, were made aware of the problem but they insisted there was not a problem even though they did not deny the condition of the bus.  Parents began notifying the school that they wanted a full refund on their tuition.  That got action.

 Vincent Lopez and his wife sent their daughter to the exclusive academy in order to get a better chance at life. That required her to be bused from her home in New York City to the school on Long Island.

However, since…



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